Tuesday, December 4, 2018

granddog & grandson love | 'Rescue Me'

You've heard of the new book: RESCUE ME?
It's not only beautiful, interesting, large, and high quality. It's about all those animals who touch our hearts and have found homes.

This page happens to be about my family and what our pups do for us - my family:
Oscar + Henry + Owen + Rachel + Chad + Macey + Laura + Adam (plus Jack)

Family photos are a challenge!
 Fifi's love of animals is well known - she's caring and lovely. 
 Did you know? RESCUE ME is available for purchase at Amazon.
Proceeds benefit rescue groups and animal shelters. 
Who's copying who?

I've posted my thoughts about RESCUE ME because I love the inspiring stories Fifi tells. Thanks for allowing me to share pride in my family - no other payment involved~ 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

November | December The PORCH & Atelier

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Welcome. We have great plans for you, your home, your gifting and enjoyment this holiday season. 

 Restocking each week: fresh botanicals, pots & greenery! 
Mixed pine bundles, and boxwood. Great twigs and birch, too!

Check out our open days, plus two special events:

Friday November 23. Both shop levels 9am-5pm - plus Saturday November 24

You're Invited
Atelier Holiday 2018
Friday November 16 4-8pm
25-50% discounts on holiday

Thank you, Teresa

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Hello and welcome to The PORCH & Atelier

     We love autumn, but do spend a lot of time planning holiday at The PORCH & Atelier.
Beginning November 1-2-3-4, we're here for your home decor, furniture, and holiday needs (or what you didn't know you needed until you are here). Watch for specials on pine greenery!
 Just a start toward holiday, for now.

overflowing fender design in our Atelier windows.

We love wreaths - we love boxwood, and know that you do, too! Two sizes in preserved style, and we're well-stocked in this large 24" style.

More popular galvanized tin style in our wings

If you can't have the 'real deal', have fun with these petite conservatories.

 Our orb lighting is in stock. Two sizes: 25.5# round, glass crystals; 18" round, no crystal.
 Can't get enough vintage - we love frames!
Metallic is popular this holiday season. Check out these large, 4.5" votives.
We hope you join us soon, and over and over again.
Watch for holiday and lower level photos, too.  Teresa

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September 6-7-8-9 Discover Your Inspiration

 Adding pieces, adding photos  - right up to the last minute, and planning a great time for each of you!
Find us at 32 Central Avenue, Buffalo Minnesota 55313  763-684-1254
This Thu Fri Sat September 6-7-8 (9-5) and Sun September 9 (11-4)

There we are - at the top/left of the map

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Design Inspiration May 3-4-5-6 Market

Classic Home, Spring 2018. My daughter Rachel's home. See the full spread on our Facebook
Furniture and most decor from The PORCH & Atelier & France. 
Take our inspiration into your home. Look what you can do with vintage!
Join us May 3-4-5-6, Thu-Fri-Sat (9-5) and Sun (11-4)
Simple: blend a barn door, embossed tin, and 'everyday' candles from a Parisian epicerie (grocery store-we love to shop them)

 Adam, Ginna, Heidi, Lori and Tammy  - and me can't wait for you to meet new vendors to The PORCH & Atelier: Kari and Susie. 
Coming up before the May Market - Ladies Day Out April 28!!

 New sign blends well with vintage pottery

Sometimes the beauty of our 1902 cut stone walls is hidden by our great displays. Look what you've been missing!

Aviary will be here by the end of April

See you soon, Teresa