Monday, April 27, 2009

April 25th Apartment Tours

The Porch & Atelier Apartment Tour on Saturday was well-attended and fun. Thank you for everyone's interest in the apartment life, renovation and design!

Tours were casual, everyone had plenty of time to wander, check out the renovation and decorating details, and ask questions. Of most interest at this tour: old architectural details, exposed brick walls in entry and living room, pair of tall living room cabinets, living room windows and their lake views; the kitchen potrack (fireplace fender hung on the wall over stove); kitchen cabinetry (generally constructed of reclaimed materials - some from the living room renovation); and the various French antique swinging curtain rods, in the office and bedroom.

The cocoa and tiny vanilla meringues were a hit, along with brie with apricot preserves, and sparkling wine. Since the tours have been so enjoyable, we'll offer them again at advertised times. Let me know if you're interested....

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elliottsurf said...

Teresa, the photos look fabulous. It looks like you had a wonderful turnout for the day!