Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great Things are Happening Here

It's a big week at The Porch & Atelier - a national magazine is coming this week for a photo shoot of the apartment and shops! Finishing touches are happening everywhere, with alot of help, and we're so excited! There'll be alot more to tell in a few days.

New decorating details happen everyday in the apartment. ~Curtains, made from a bead embroidered panel (and sewn by my sister, Mary) were hung in the bath last night. ~A pair of chairs, in the upholstery shop now, will be delivered this afternoon. The black cotton fabric with rattan-style pattern is shown on the chaise pillow. ~White, airy lobelia are waiting to welcome the photography team in an old iron planter, at the top of the apartment stairwell. ~Various decorative items, some collected from France, are gathered for the stylist. ~30's-40's (?) plaster statuette blanks, found in the attic at an estate sale two weeks ago are grouped on an entry table for now - where will they be styled and displayed? ~An old decorative oval mirror, brought by a friend today, may remain on the living room table, holding fresh lilacs.
A lot of fun!

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elliottsurf said...

Teresa, How did it go with the magazine folks in town? I saw a group of photogs out on the corner taking some shots from across the street. I hope it went well and look forward to you blogging about the details!