Thursday, May 14, 2009

PORCH Gardening "#1"

PORCH gardening began in earnest yesterday with a visit to my favorite greenhouse. As summer progresses, the courtyard at the back entrance of the shop will transform into a hardscape annual garden among the outdoor pieces for sale.
'Today's favorites: the lemon cypress, and the calibrachoa baskets (full of blooms at all times, and no deadheading needed). Our window boxes have created interest - wheat grass seeds (planted in March) decided it was warm enough to sprout after planting blue, purple and orange violas in early April. We now 'mow' the grass twice weekly so the violas can peek out!

Plans for our annual PORCH Garden Tours, Saturday, July 18, are underway. We'll tour local/private gardens, and then come to The PORCH for our chef-catered lunch, fun and prizes. $19, and registrations will be accepted beginning June 2.

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Cyndi's Re-Creations said...

Looks Great Cant wait to see it all at the next Sale!