Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thankful, Honored, Inspired, Happy.......

The photo shoot wrapped up on Friday at about 5:30 - as the last of the equipment was packed and loaded into their cars and we said good-bye, I was sorry to see them go. It was exciting to meet them and experience their energy, professionalism, talent and hard work -- it was fun to observe them in action for two full days.

I've never experienced a photo shoot of this kind - and I feel incredibly lucky to have met the four professionals who were here: Roger (photographer, click his name to link to samples of his magazine cover work!!) and his assistant, Monica, flew in from LA; Heather (stylist) and her assistant, Harry, were here from New York. Heather's 10 mo. old daughter, Zana, was here, also. They were all friendly, incredibly polite and considerate, and were great to have here. We admired Roger and Harry's British accents, and my grandson, Henry, now says 'Cheers!'.

Seeing how they chose to style my collections and decorative items was interesting for me. They made each room feel very much like 'home' - towels and mats in the bath, a coffee cup 1/2 full on the kitchen island, and dozens of roses in white, pale pink (living room), and dark pink (bedroom). Herbs, ivies, boxwood and fresh green pears in the kitchen. They borrowed various items from the shops, and it will be fun for those who sell here with me to maybe find some of their items in the photos. They even took the time to show me a few photo previews - astounding! Of interest: Roger photographed the outside/front of the building at the exact same angle as an early 1900's postcard photograph of the building - I can't wait to see that comparison shown in print.

I'll keep you informed about which magazine, and when it will be published. For now I'll offer you some photos: one of the pair of newly upholstered chairs; shots of roses in the apartment today; and 'green' in the kitchen. Each time I see the roses, they're a touching remembrance of a great-great experience!

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Patty said...

Teresa, that must have been so fun! I can't wait to see the magazine when it comes out. Mom said they used one of Grandma's coffee cups in the photos. Was she saying, 'hello'?