Sunday, June 14, 2009

The 'French Life' is in Buffalo

Another piece of 'Paris' - right here in Buffalo. I love outdoor markets - fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, and happy people. In Buffalo, there is a Farmer's Market right outside my door, every Saturday morning, May through October.
Buffalo Gals toffee, Jim Lee's heirloom tomato plants & herbs (his heirloom tomatoes later in the season!), Krista Elsenpeter's freshly baked primo breads (she grinds her own flour and bakes with steam), and much more. Yesterday, I bought a huge lettuce bowl, fully intending to keep it for fresh lettuce every week. It was so beautiful (packed full of frilly red and green lettuces), that I brought it into the Atelier to display for the day, and ended up selling it..... Lettuce seeds are now on my shopping list to start one for myself - !

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