Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pedestal Tables

A personal favorite. Practical, useful, beautiful, flexible.
My favorite old table (photo #1, apartment living room) has a huge chunky base, and a 60" top. It's in the apartment living room, part of the main seating area between the daybed and sofa.

A place to set your drink, spread out a project, stage favorite or seasonal decor (photo #2, Katrina Chambers), eat, use as a desk......and when needed, pull up chairs and set the table for dining. Mine has the casters removed, and sits slightly lower than a dining table - perfect for how I use it.
It's a favorite piece of mine, an 'original', from when I first moved to the apartment, and I still love it right where it is. For the first couple years here, I was commonly asked 'is this your dining room'? Now I hear 'I want one in my living room!'.
Pedestal tables are fairly easy to find, we have one in the shop about every other month. Of course, there is always new to be found (photo #3, Pottery Barn).

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