Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to the Shop!

~It's never dull around here, and changes in the shop are constant.
We now have a gorgeous 12' wide display cupboard (for sale), which works beautifully on the south brick wall of the Atelier. Everything we moved to make room for getting the cupboard in spurred the changes needed right now in the shop - we're all about movement, energy, change, and great pieces. While the cupboard is here, it will serve as a great display piece. It's a room-maker! I found myself dreaming about how it could get up the stairs to the apartment (it is in two pieces, after all), if I could get it through the doors, and which wall I'd put it on. It was a dream, that's how much I like the cupboard~
I've made plans for window displays that will be alot of fun inside and out. We have alot of window shopping here, too, since we aren't open everyday. We started with the north window last week, clearing it all out, applying the chandelier decals across the top, along with a scalloped paper valance. We'll be adding signage and using 'words' - plans for upcoming windows are fun (we're never short on ideas, of course!). Watch for the changes.
There's alot coming in everyday - the third photo shows an ideal newly built cabinet for alot of rooms in the house. A child's room, TV center, and more. There is also another, identical except for its soft red paint. The mirror and vintage floral faille fabric arrived yesterday.

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Rachel said...

Where did you get that cupboard? Did you tell me about it? It's not the one at the back of the shop- I don't think! I can't wait to see all the new things tomorrow-