Monday, July 20, 2009

Garden #2: Carol

(Update 7-29, two photos) I first visited Carol's gardens in June, when her rose arbor and peonies were in full bloom - I know she'd like everyone to see them~ TERESA

~Each garden we visited on our Garden Day tours was surrounded by unbelievable green, wide open spaces!
Carol's terraced perennial & vegetable gardens border Wild Marsh Golf Course (you can see Mink Lake in the background), providing spacious, breathtaking views. She wishes we could have experienced her climbing roses (rose variety? I'll ask again...) in their full June exuberant glory, but for now they were gorgeous in their full, lush, July green finery, on their massive twig arbor (just full of huge rosehips and a stray bright pink bloom here and there). Her full perennials (hollyhock, black eyed susan, lily, and more) were wonderful and perfect. The vegetable garden was thriving, and her garden structures, windowboxes, and fencing ~ well, perfect.
Can you name the concrete statue at the side entrance to her garden? She's a famous sculpture, so let me know if you know, OK?
(Note: rose and pink hydrangea photos added 7/23, courtesy of Dawn Knudson, Garden Day guest - thanks, Dawn!)

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Rachel said...

Love the window boxes!