Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Before' Photos

Not a day goes by without a new find~
Acquired on Sunday, this old cabinet with a great drawer stack is awesome. Some of the work needed has already been done - pieces of missing decorative drawer front frames have been replaced (you can see the new white pine), and the drawers are now working smoothly. Remaining 'fixup' plans: cleaning, and a thorough rub down with dark stain and steel wool. She'll be sharpened up and beautiful!
Was it a tool cabinet? It's not a kitchen piece....the mysteries of figuring out what a piece was used for and how old it is, is alot of the fun. This cabinet appears to have been constructed out of reclaimed pieces (much like we do now), but - it was rebuilt a very long time ago. Many times you'll find old pieces that are constructed for reuse out of various pieces, due to thrift or need.
Note the copper bin pulls, and fine, sturdy base, and the back is galvanized tin.
Watch for the 'after' photos in a few days~ TERESA

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