Saturday, August 29, 2009

Harvest Tables and September

~Harvest tables and September. I love the change of season and a fresh piece to ground this outdoor area. You see harvest tables in every size, color, style and detail, and we have two newly built and beautifully finished tables right now. Strong, sturdy, and very appealing in their design, most of the wood used is reclaimed from various sources.
Both tables we have are identical - shown here are photos of the one in our back courtyard, outside The PORCH. Note the large old oval iron pot with fresh crabapple branches (thank you to a generous friend). Wonderful indoors or out, the tables are $179 each.
These tables very comfortably seat six, and are great 'workhorses', serving lots of purposes. Tonight, I picture an outdoor evening get-together, add candlelight and friends (you'd probably want a campfire nearby tonight). I like to have a large table outside all year long; in about three months, add net lights over the top and fresh greens in a freeform wreath - then watch the lights glow from under new snowfall.

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