Monday, August 24, 2009

I love fresh and green

~This vibrant mix of zinnias and other flowers hang in a tin bucket at the Atelier door. Note the fabulous Victoria blue salvia in the urn behind. I found the bright August zinnia bouquet early Saturday on my morning jaunt to the Buffalo Farmers Market (right across the street~). It was an extra enjoyable treat for the senses~you could smell the fresh vegetables, flowers and baked goods in the clear morning air.

Photo #2: autumn joy sedum waits on an old tin stand. The sedum will be coming indoors to welcome you at the PORCH entrance vignette at our Market sale ---next week! The shelves on the stand work well with the colors on the old door behind. Hint: that's how all these different pieces work well together~by color.

~ A quick freshen-up and reset at the back PORCH courtyard entrance had me wrapping up the gorgeous weekend appreciative of this gentle move to the next season. The greens are as clear as the air and sky the past few days. Note for next summer: the white winged lobelia is totally carefree (photo #3). No deadheading, no waiting for blooms, it's always full, lush and beautiful. Our 'volunteer' vine at the stone wall (photo #4) has brought enjoyment all summer, enhancing the stone wall and door stacks there. Can you see the silhouette of the white iron chairs in the window glass?

I had almost 'written off' the lemon cypress tree earlier this summer - then I totally got into 'combination' plantings - it has loved being nestled among vines, russian sage, lilies and coleus in one of the large door planters at the back courtyard PORCH entrance. Note for next summer: large combination plantings.

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