Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Junking trips~near and far

~Northern Minnesota and junking - all rolled into one. Being with a good friend (& fellow junker) in her awesome junk/treasure-filled lake home, the peaceful lake, woods and flowers, the quiet, and also shop shop shopping~!
It's hard for me to 'vacation' from junk, so this was the perfect combination. Even our trips to PARIS are all about French junk! If I were to compare vacations on opposite ends of the world: it's all about enjoying the good times with people who have the same interests: the surrounding beauty, appreciation for the architecture and old stuff, good food & wine, and ---shopping for 'le junque' ~
Another comparison of junking trips near and far: how to pack it to get it all home!
Before leaving last night, the van was unloaded and creatively re-packed to get every last piece in. I'm especially excited for you to see two items-- the largest purchase: a tall galvanized four-tier stand (in there-somewhere, not pictured), and the smallest: a little 'pie cover' made out of old screen and cloth scrap (you can see it if you look in the upper right corner of the vanload photo, #1).

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