Thursday, August 13, 2009

Known for Great Cabinets

We're proud to have cabinets made by Alan and Ted, their work is in our Atelier shop level. Not only are they accomplished carpenters who build quality pieces ---they have the 'eye' - because first, they're creative designers.
Much of your decision to want a piece of their furniture in your home is based on the creative and practical features they include when building and finishing. The pieces they build begin with their personal design~ they're always on the search for vintage windows, doors, tin and trim.
First photo: this island/console has a reclaimed granite top - you may recognize this workmanship as Alan's - he's become known here for his style of cabinetry.
The next three photos detail an island/bar piece built by Ted. Its vintage carved architectural panel is striking, and the size, drawers, and open storage of the piece~practical.
Both Alan and Ted build custom order islands, cabinets, etc.
You'll see both Alan and Ted's craftsmanship and talent in photos of the third floor apartment here (see posts on this blogspot regarding two different apartment tours held here). I'm holding off on more apartment photos until our feature in Country Living magazine hits the streets (no word on that date yet).
I'll be featuring more of their work~

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