Friday, August 21, 2009

Stocking up

Here is the great four-tier galvanized stand (mentioned on Aug 19)~
It glides easily on its casters, and is a honey of a find! On our northern Minnesota junking trip, we stopped at one of those 'eternal' garage sales -- where they sell out of their garage everyday sales? So, I didn't expect to find much, and when I asked about this stand, I pretty much knew she'd say that she needed the stand to hold the things she's selling (never a good sign....). Well, apparently my offer was enough (my being from 'the cities' and all...) to convince her to find something else to put her shoeboxes on - so she agreed to sell it.
I was pretty pleased and consider it one of my favorite finds from our jaunt~
Note the brown felt hat sitting on top- the ribbon sets nicely on the side of your head, and it's adorable~

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