Friday, September 11, 2009

Beauty and details

~I've been reminiscing this month, and can't resist sharing a favored photo. September marks the anniversary of my daughter's 2005 wedding.
It was a glorious September early evening at the College of Saint Catherine Chapel.
Among my fondest memories of that day: the glow of hushed sunset enveloping her in her perfect candlelight satin dress, and the gorgeous blush roses that were wrapped in double satin ribbon (brought home from France in anticipation of the wedding). The Chapel was beautifully spare, with huge tins of local fall grasses and lisianthus (gathered at a Princeton MN herb farm that morning), that proclaimed our happiness and welcomed guests at the entry.
(I thought someone might wonder if I cropped her head from this photo for this post - well, no - it's an actual closeup photo of her dress and flowers - I DO love details....)


Patty said...

So pretty! I will always remember the sun coming in the back doors as the wedding party began down the aisle.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful.Perfection.