Monday, September 14, 2009

A change of scenes....

I moved one of the glass window panels, creating a 'glass room' (behind Ted's cabinet)
'After' setting it with furniture pieces - I added baskets and pumpkins, hanging a fresh eucalyptus bunch - it's feeling like a fall garden.

Movement, change, resetting. Whether it's moving furniture in a setup or display, bringing in new pieces, making major moves of huge chandeliers and old screenhouse tops (tomorrow...), bringing in the freshly-picked pumpkins, or just touching that bowl ever so slightly to change the angle so that 'it feels right', we're all about that good energy that comes from change~
We like it in our homes, for certain. When you come to The PORCH & Atelier, you will experience change - freshly restocked items, style, ~we want to amaze you.

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