Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ending the weekend with~ favorite French decorating magazine: 'Campagne Decoration'. I don't have any current issues, and depend on my supply, dating back over the past six years. They're timeless, refreshing, and always evoke a mood, inspiring me to move inside the photos, fulfilling the experiences they promise.
At the top of my magazine stack (if you've seen the apartment kitchen or its photos - my French magazines are on the trunks stacked by the linen chair), was No. 41, SEPTEMBRE/OCTOBRE 2006. The cover shows an outdoor bedroom, complete with bedding, upholstered chair, and vanity with mirror. The very French bed crown holds voluminous mosquito netting. Note the ruffled canopy in photo #2, and comfy chairs, candles - bread and wine - this is my idea of camping~
My weekend was great - full of obligations, but also time with family, and I totally appreciated the perfect, sunny weather. Enjoy these balmy evenings, what a treat. Have a good week ~ TERESA

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