Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gearing up for opening~ next week!

This photo of today's west Atelier window is dark~ restyling the window yesterday, I used many of the finds that were in the pickup load shown on Sunday. Two favorite things: the brown with touches of red rattan/wood table, and the ivory plant stand (there are at least 50 more things in that load that are coming out, too). The length of gold organza fabric draped over the window, was purchased in Angers (France) three years ago. I bring it out every fall to share it's brilliant color. It's dotted with ribbon roses - I'm not a 'rosebud' person, but this organza is classic and gorgeous~

~Among those Sunday finds are nine mirrors - four of them are stacked here, waiting to be cleaned. Some are old, some not so old, and two are new. We love mirrors!

~This sturdy, petite two-tier table has been in the shop for two months - undoubtedly because she came with pink rosebuds/green leaves wreathed on her tiers . So, 'change it up' time - a quick brush of black paint over those buds, and she has a new outlook~

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