Wednesday, September 9, 2009

History lessons about this old building~

I have a great appreciation for this old building~
and think of it's history in terms of real people

~This is a wonderful place to be! Every day I feel privileged to have my shop and home here. I've been interested in learning more about this building, and researched what I could find when preparing narratives for Country Living (we're in the 2010 magazine lineup) and the April 2009 Star Trib feature. What I was able to find made the history of this 1902 building even more real to me. When I see an old photo from that first decade of 1900, I can't help but think about what it looked like inside the building then, and ---the people - imagine what life was like then, what they wore, and that horses and buggies were on the streets here.
Originally the Buffalo Post Office (see 1911 photo postcard above), locals know it as ‘The Purity Dairy’ (1940’s through the early 1970’s?-not sure). All three floors were commercial space until that time, the third floor being home to the phone company, dental office, and other business. I believe the third floor was converted to a living space for the dairy store owners. You had to climb an open, outside staircase to get to the apartment/third floor-until the 1970's-?
I was happy to get some personal narrative about the building in 2004, when an elderly gentleman came by the shop with his daughter. He had grown up in downtown Buffalo, and told me that as a young child, he and his friends played outside the building. There was a spring in the corner outside, in the back, and his mother sent him for fresh drinking water here each day. He also remembered overhearing the ‘adults’ talking about the building -that it was the ‘Swedish men who did the stonecutting’ (in the lower level you can see those original stone walls, photo #2).
When renovating the apartment living room in January 09, ceiling plaster was removed, and sitting high on a rafter was a complete Minneapolis Sunday Tribune. Left as a time capsule? I like to think so. ~TERESA

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