Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our screenhouse top later in the day~

~We did it! Quite an accomplishment, and it feels great! Our gazebo top is now hanging over the Atelier checkout. I didn't take full-view, grounding photos, because anything we do here creates a huge mess, and the checkout isn't presentable (you may ask is it usually??). And, you get to see our awesome 1902 original tin ceilings~
We regaled it with our volunteer vines that grow at the stone wall out back, and added the dried apple branches brought by Bonnie a few weeks ago.
Alan had moved the 16 arm brass chandelier (thank you) from over the checkout to make room, now you can see what I call an old schoolhouse-style globe light hanging inside.
Thank you Sue, Patty and Bonnie - it worked out quite well!

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