Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our 'screenhouse' top

~Autumn 08 in the Atelier - decked in tiny globe lights and harvest drieds, she sparkles.
Decked out in fresh boxwood garlands (2005), framing a handpainted bed. The bed is now in a Twin Cities home (and shown in Country Home's final issue [we miss CH], March 2008).

~Our gazebo evokes a good feeling in most people who see her - that protective circle of wonder makes alot of people stop and imagine how they could use something like her in their home. She's old, rusty white iron - and at the time I found her, she was in two halves, laying deep in weeds. I thought I was acquiring two curved, ornate awning frames (wow~). After getting her home, I realized she was an old screenhouse top - some pieces of old curved wood/screen were still there - and she formed a perfect circle!
Lucky to have a willing welder at the time (note the word willing - I love that word), he constructed a gazebo, using re-bar to form her into a permanent circle, and adding a removable base and legs. She comes apart for transporting - or, for now, to use in a 'new' way--her legs and base in storage, and her famed top hanging from the 13' Atelier ceiling.
We keep her as a shop prop, to share with all who experience her. She's been used, gazebo style, in many areas of the Atelier - housing Christmas trees, dining tables, and other quaint vignettes. Today, we're moving her to hang from the beam over the center Atelier checkout. Watch for her~

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