Friday, September 25, 2009

Wishing I were there~

Did you know that every photo you take of the Eiffel Tower looks 'professional'? It is that beautiful and stunning. Starting at dusk, it 'sparkles' with extra lights every hour, on the hour.

~Flower shops spill onto the street - everywhere. Even when there in February, it's mild enough for outdoor enjoyment of the scents, colors and textures. A favorite: Au nom de la rose. It is a 'chain' floral shop, but all about roses, open everyday, and I enjoy seeing them when out and about in different areas. I love going inside - their workspace 'is' the shop. Non-non! to photos inside (but, you can see a peek in there--note the rosepetals on the floor: photo #2).

Much more about France to come~

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