Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"All the blues of the world"

Good friends, in Angers France, I've come to know Bernard & AnneMarie, and their family, through my daughter, Rachel. Bernard and AnneMarie are the epitomy of French grace and hospitality, and we've been lucky to be guests in their home many times (that should read: invited into a French home!), and recipients of their hospitality while they have taken us on local trips in the region. They've taught me alot about the area, and France.

Their home was featured in 'Maison Cote Ouest' magazine several years ago, and the photos do capture exactly what it is like to be in their home. World travelers, photographers and artists, they also enjoy, collect and restore the 'everyday' for use in their home. The Moroccan gate (with bottles) is between their entry hall and living room, and was inspiration for the window I had installed into the wall in the apartment here. Yes, AnneMarie loves 'bleu'~

~Appertif, offered in their living room shortly after arriving in their home, is always served in this exact fashion. They continue passing the small dishes (and always served with a crisp glass of the first local/area wine of the evening). Angers in located in the Loire Valley, and known for their Muscadet grapes~wine.

'Our' photo of their dining room, before being served one of their delicious, memorable dinners (which always end with fresh salad greens/viniagrette, and then a platter of delectable cheeses).

Their daughter, Muriel, owns a gourmet epicerie in LeMans- she specializes in foods/wines from the south of France (her shop/business was featured in a French magazine, because selling specialty items outside of a region is a novel idea there~). On our last visit to France, they brought us to LeMans, to tour the old city and then enjoy a beautiful dinner at Muriel's shop. She did use paper plates at the shop, so then we -of course- had to keep our eyes open for ones as cute while shopping in the remaining days, but never did find them (even the paper plates are special~).

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