Monday, October 26, 2009

"Free" if you work for it~

~I wanted branches, twigs, and lots of green pine. I love to fill the urns and window boxes here before the dirt freezes (and it IS November next week-winter denial is alive). Yesterday was a welcomed dry, sunny day (I was supposed to be painting, wasn't I?). I couldn't resist going to the local compost site.
Where are all the green pine branches I came for? The dried hydrangeas? You never know what you'll find, but what you do find makes up for what you didn't~ (very much like 'junking').

Well, there were a few pine branches. Don't forget gloves and pruners. If you see something you want that's reachable, it will be the size of a tree.
Oh my! Beautiful twiggy branches in all shades of gold, pumpkin and red. And, you just have to wade through mud to get them. How did the van get 30 yards away from me? Did I mention mud?

Having a junky vehicle helps.

~A very elderly gentleman walked by, and stopped to admire what I was doing. He was so sweet. He said "you do a very good job with this". Well, thank you, sir~! After he walked away, I realized he wasn't complimenting my urns! Our fine City of Buffalo plants and maintains fantastic floral displays all over the City, including two huge concrete tubs on the north side of our building. City of Buffalo - you've had another compliment!

In this photo, it's hard to see the red twigs against the brick. I love the freeform tall twigs with the fluffy pine.The back courtyard window boxes, and two other containers out back are full. I can rest easy about it now, and fill in with other botanicals as I find them - what a great start! ~TERESA

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elliottsurf said...


You are amazing! Your urns look fabulous! You've got me inspired to get mine done too!