Monday, October 26, 2009

It was a great experience.....

You may have sensed my 'stage fright' on Saturday morning.
Wondering what to expect; there were alot of 'unknowns'~
No worries~ Diana was wonderful!
She witnessed the Atelier 'in action' - clients, smiles, and a huge cupboard delivered and placed in the center of the mix, too - a typical shop day. We spent time in the apartment, and she was very interested in the renovation and its architectural and decorative 'nods' to this great old building.
Thank you, Diana! Another great 'Country Living' experience!


Patty said...

Can't wait to see the article. I'm glad it went so well. And what a great photo!

Jenni said...

Can't wait to see the issue-Congrats!

Jenni said...
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