Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let's play The PORCH 'antiques roadshow'

~Yes, it's a tiny pair of tongs. I found them while out junking yesterday afternoon - they're old, brass, and just over 2" long.
They're in great shape, and have the word 'Smiths' embossed across the handle.
Those are the facts - now for my thoughts: it's way too small for sugar cubes. I don't think it's a child's toy. Is it a miniature? Is 'Smiths' a candy store or company name? A souvenir piece, or used in a candy case for tiny candies?
Do you love finding things like this? I do, and it's a fun piece to admire and wonder about. Let me know your thoughts~ TERESA

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Grandma Jones Antiques said...

I still think these darling little tongs are for sugar precious!