Monday, October 19, 2009

~Our Sunday 10-18 load

We had another great shopping day! Can you see the beautiful, petite settee? The spoon-carved door (posted earlier today in detail) in the front of the load?

The suitcase, tucked in the side, is English. More trunks are in there somewhere, too~

I thought about about being able to stock up and unload-- without rain, jackets or gloves~ and truly appreciated it, thinking about the coming winter months. We keep at it, all year, and this weather will be a faint memory.
I'm very lucky - I don't do this alone. The driving, shopping and loading? Alan (the famous cabinet builder here), along with my sister, Mary. My nephew, Jake, just takes one big step into the pickup bed - effortlessly. He also took the photos today~ Large plaster pieces that once formed ovals and circles~
Plaster scrolled shields - fragile at this point. Maybe I'll mount something behind them to hold them intact.
Thanks for checking us out! TERESA

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