Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Paris Today' - 1957 style

~Estate sales do give you a peek into the past. I save paper memorabilia of my travels, too. On Sunday, I found a box of world travel maps, guides, cards and more. We can track one of her jaunts - in late May/early June 1957, she went from London to France, via ship, and picked up this free book of what to do in Paris today~
~Here's the stationery from her London hotel
The big Paris names haven't changed -
I wonder how many of the museums have? Probably a few.
~I doubt she did the nightclubs, but Paris is famous for the best, and Lido is still there~
~I wonder how she received an 'invitation personnelle' to Cartier? And sent to her at her hotel?

She had a great time, and alot of friends - only three of ten postcards in her postcard packet were left after her visit. I'm sure she sent the Eiffel Tower postcard first~

Paris 1957 - until today. Is that part of the allure? We can count on Paris for her famed institutions, museums, monuments, fashion, food, beauty - and we're still saying 'ooh la la', with a sigh today.


Patty said...

Love your post! I wonder now about her life: Was she married? Was she on business? Hmmmm.

TERESA said...

Fun, isn't it? One clue: her Cartier invitation addresses her as 'Mrs.'- I was surprised it didn't say 'Madame'. She had alot of Berlin travel info, as well as Vienna - but no clues as to if she was on European tour, or those were at other times. The maps and other tourist info appear to be from the same time frame. ~TERESA