Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Small vignettes

~A vignette in the apartment entry this morning. The change of season seems to give a reason to freshen up, and an unexpected floral bouquet gift started it all. The stack of plastic/tin rings in front of the vase are from old curtain rods (?). I love stuff like that.
~Freshening up one small area pleases me each time I walk by.~In Rachel's (my belle daughter's) home, this petite vignette at the top of her stair landing makes you notice, pause and enjoy. For me, focusing on one corner is manageable and fun. Six pieces, including the adorable cloverleaf drum table: easy and fast.

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Rachel said...

I agree with you on how easy it is! I often get the itch to re-do a whole room (paint, furniture, etc) and I'll just re-arrange a shelf or tabletop and that usually does the trick. A small change for the eyes can feel like you did more.

The table was a great find at the Porch!

Thanks Mom :)