Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'SPACES' features Buffalo~

The Oct/Nov issue of SPACES magazine isn't on their website yet, so I'm offering you scans of the printed issue today. If you 'right-click' on the photos, you can read the story.
Their 'Noon to Three' feature - can you believe it?! The article begins with Rose and the Second Hand Rose story - the first/the original sale in Buffalo (12-13 years now?), where I started in this business!
(Story headline note: the Buffalo occasional sales are all open the first Thursday-Sunday each month--sometimes it's the first weekend, not always. Plus, The PORCH & Atelier are open Tuesday (9-12) and Wednesday (9-2) preceding that Thursday. Are you confused yet?)

The PORCH back courtyard is in the upper right photo. I really loved the yellows, rusts, and reds out there at that time (click the link for an earlier post about it).
You can see that many Buffalo shops took advantage of a great ad opportunity. It's fun to see the parade of each of these shops in print. Buffalo pride is alive and well~

~We were very pleased they used two outdoor shots of The PORCH & Atelier! I love this grand old building~
First level: The PORCH; second level: the Atelier; third level: my apartment.
The downtown Buffalo Lake photo (top left corner) was shot from my third floor apartment living room window (yes---that's my view!).

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elliottsurf said...


This is great. If you put your mouse over the scanned image and click on it,(you see the mouse pointer turn into a hand) you get a full sized page in a new window so your blogreaders can see the entire page!
That is a great article about Buffalo!