Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Sunday 10-25 Load

~Couldn't resist the 9ft, narrow faux Christmas tree for the apartment. The wardrobe is lightweight, clean, and has a cool door latch with a rod and door racks inside.
~What's in all those bags? Lots of home decor, glass, and more. There's also a box full of old recipe pamphlets and books- one of them is titled 'Sweets for the Party'; and her personal collection of handwritten favorite recipes, which make you think about Sunday dinners~

There's Jake, my nephew, helping again.
The grasses in the urns outside the Atelier are bound in brown silk (scraps from the gorgeous blue and brown silk curtains in the apartment office). I hope to be adding pine greens this week~
1940's Jewelry Stand. Beautiful! In perfect condition, she just needs to be cleaned and polished with a glaze coat.
~I've found versions of these old black/white horse prints only four times over the years.

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