Monday, October 19, 2009

~Transformations & new loads

~Even I continue to be pleasantly surprised about the power of paint. This lineup of sold pieces was waiting outside the Atelier for a short time yesterday - being moved to make room for our Sunday load. They were quite appealing (should we start selling off the sidewalk?), as people stopped, parked and walked over, others even calling out from their cars for prices.
NO, I don't paint everything sold in the shop. Some things shouldn't be touched with paint~
But--take useful, sturdy furniture pieces, like these 80's dining chairs and stools, an older occasional chair and table - and unify them with paint and fabric updates - eh voila!
Very appealing.


Janelle said...

Hello! I loved your store when I visited about 2 weeks ago! I didn't spend much time there as I knew my baby was not happy in the van and wanted to relieve my mother of the crying. ;) I love my scarves though!So pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Do you ever sell and ship items?

TERESA said...

Thanks for your comments and question, Janelle - and yes, we do ship. Smaller items (such as jewelry, scarves)via US mail; we can get UPS and/or trucking quotes for furniture within about 24 hrs. ~TERESA