Friday, November 13, 2009

The BEST people are HERE~

Jeanne, Lori, Peg, Lisa, Sheryl and Colleen
Everyone had a great time last night! I work with so many wonderful people, we all have alot in common (plus this business), and our social time together is always while working in the shop: hauling furniture, decorating, and of course, when the shop is open, and they're meeting all of you!

Sheryl, AnneMarie and Stephanie

We had our first soiree together, long overdue, in the apartment last night. I don't do enough to show them how much I appreciate each and every one of them, and I can't wait to do it again. Adam (my son) prepared a delicious Biaggi's meal for our enjoyment - oh my - bruschetta, Caesar salad, seafood or chicken cannelloni (now a new favorite for all of us~).
Sue, Debbie, Stephanie (in background), and Lynn

My sister, Jeanne (on right), was a great hostess --the kitchen ran smoothly!

Our 'famous' Alan (cabinet builder), with his wife, Theresa. They kept the kitchen running smoothly, too - thank you!

Theresa (my niece)- you've probably picked up on the fact that family is part of everything here~
Sue and Lynn
We rarely sit around, eating, drinking, and relaxing, what a treat!

Colleen, Sue, Sheryl, Lynn and Brenda. It was so great to see everyone enjoying themselves.

Candice and Steve managed to stay out of the photos.
Kari, Larry, Patty and Rachel couldn't be here - we missed you!

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