Friday, November 27, 2009

Decorating the apartment entry~

In anticipation of the party here a couple of weeks ago, I'd already brought the bowl urns in, adding fresh cedar and other pines. The lights are intentionally down inside and around the full bowls, glowing from the inside out.

I found the old chippy flour bins earlier in November, and they're perfect for storing my as yet to find a place for, too pretty to store away wall candelabras - and bottles of wine.

They're great, open storage under the bench, and I will add lights inside of them, as well - ala 'Campagne Decoration' style.

Past December issues of 'Campagne Decoration' always have lights strung along the floor, under and sometimes on the furniture. Pure 'eye candy' for me - I want to get inside each room they photograph! Their December 2003 issue, and every bit as interesting to me today as when I bought the magazine in Paris.

Natural, botanical, lots of little lights - more apartment holiday decorating to come~

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