Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do you know about.....

Mustard Moon, in Carver?Jane's signature style is that you want to move right in to her settings.
Mustard Moon is open three days each month. Jane is known for her unique style (she's a natural at this stuff), great vintage finds and even better prices.
These photos are from her 'Happy Holidays' sale: this Thu-Fri-Sat, November 19-20-21.
~Jane is an 'original' junker, her shop has been around for as many or more years than most. If you were at Junk Bonanza - at Canterbury Downs in September - you would have seen her, she's one of the 'Bonanza Posse'~

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Mr. Flannery said...

I really liked having Jane as my neighbor when we both set up at the Porch. She always had neat stuff that I needed to examine closely and she actually appreciated many of the truly strange things that I would put in my booth.