Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inspiration and a start

The apartment entry, late December 2008. We had just completed the entry reconstruction work, but not the painting.
~I've made the first steps in holiday decorating in the apartment this year, and my 2008 holiday photos inspire me. I've brought the salvia bowl urns to the apartment entry - they flank the old weathered garden bench in there now. Today, I'll add fresh arborvitae and lights to those urns, and bring in several boxwood. The nine foot faux Christmas tree (from the Sunday load a couple weeks ago) now stands in the apartment living room, lit but not decorated.
I'm hosting a soiree/meeting here for The PORCH dealers (great people who sell here with me), and it's giving me the nudge to get festive and show them how much I appreciate them~
So, I'm looking forward to showing you photos of the evening, later this week.

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