Friday, November 6, 2009

Known for Great Custom Cabinets

Last Saturday, Alan delivered this beautiful custom cabinet: 'the Kristina'. We had already named Kristina's cabinet after her - when Alan is building custom pieces, we refer to them by their new owner's name~
After planning and deciding on features, both Alan and Kristina very happy with the results. From the start, she knew she wanted a full bank of drawers.This is the first cabinet with the reproduction nickel finish latch and pulls. He framed each drawer, giving that great paneled detail his cabinets are known for.
~We're open for our November Market through this Sunday!
9-5 Friday/Saturday, 12-5 Sunday
Alan brought a new, tall cupboard with glass door, two drawers below, and wonderful top cove and vintage side trims. Photos later today. So, he has six pieces here for you to see right now.

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