Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old Holly Clipart~

An embroidered silk mat, found in its old gold frame (about 10x12") - just this summer. I admire old embroidery that's done well - these holly and berries are fashioned of fine silk threads, on silk fabric. You can't begin to count the number of silk threads stitched into each leaf. Doesn't it make you wonder what old photo they framed? Follow your instinct when you find pieces like this - at first sight I saw a dirty frame and mat and almost didn't pick it up. With a closer look, I realized how charming it was - it had esthetic value to me, right down to the single berry on the bottom

A very old book, special enough for someone to save in a drawer for many years. I've always loved holly. You can grow it in Minnesota, but I've never had the full, bushy glossy bushes that you see in other climates.

Old gold holly and red berries - I like the stylized 'layering' in old clipart - the freeform holly with the geometric circles.

Wrapped around that 'O' again~

The motif on the left is repeated on each page of the story~

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