Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Sunday 11-8 load

We've just wrapped up our November 3-8 Market, but before it was over - a Sunday morning restock. Yay! for the mild weather~

Another awesome, clean metal trunk. We're always amazed at how great these look after polishing.

A full-size headboard, heavy and old. You're seeing the backside - wait until you see the carving and details when it's been restyled into a wonderful horizontal mirrored piece.

A peek at a petite settee in the middle of it all~ This little gal will be cleaned, period. Her muslin underclothes and webbed seat just complete her entire look. Oh my, she's really something! Sturdy, and just how old is she?---her stature and height are tres petite! What stories could she tell? I picture her in one of the Atelier windows, possibly holding wrapped packages or green boughs? Watch for her there.
Three large paned, arched windows were delivered yesterday afternoon. We love and appreciate deliveries~
Thank yous are due to Alan, Theresa, Mary, Rachel, Jeanne, Kelly, Giz and Dave!


Mr. Flannery said...

Teresa - The settee looks c. 1880's.

TERESA said...

Thanks, Peter - I've always appreciated your expertise, interest, and knowledge. I miss talking about pieces with you and hearing your thoughts about them.