Monday, November 23, 2009

Simple enough things #10

The fresh balsam garland was hung outside the Atelier door on Friday - I'm happy we can enjoy it from the inside, too~ Aren't we lucky to have this glassed entrance? (Photos don't miss a thing - will I finally remember to change that lantern bulb??)
Gold basket with 23 wine stems - ready for a party?

I do love old shades of ivory, especially in old, useful books - want to read up on famous British literature?
Four petite liqueur glasses~

Remember these? This sheer one is newly made (of dry cleaning bags); the old ones weren't always as pretty when I was a kid - I remember tying used bread bags onto the hanger~

Pure lotions and fun white sponges

I also love topiaries - even petite faux.

A re-purpose: an old heavy mirror piece, cut to fit an old exterior window frame - both found before being trashed, and united in a great piece.

~Thanks for taking this petite tour around today's Atelier with me!

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