Friday, November 20, 2009

A Tres' Cool Wine Dinner~

I love this card - it was a gift, tied with the lavender ribbon to a beautiful silvery-green wreath. The other side says 'ooh la la'~
You may have noticed that if I type the words tres' cool, e.g., I use an apostrophe at the end of the word, standing in for the real thing. Any suggestions? It's about time I learned how to accent a French word-!

Chef Partner Adam planned the menu - each of five courses was perfectly paired with five Italian wines (three white, two red). The small family vineyards who produced the wines are all 150-400 years old, and from five regions of Italy. Brent, the wine rep, talked about the wines at each course.

The menu was all about the intricate flavors and appreciation of each forkful and sip of wine. No photos of the food-?
If you've attended our special events at The PORCH & Atelier (April in Paris for one), you've met my son Adam and experienced his culinary talents.

Adam and Malia (she's been here with him, at his side, prepping, serving, and cleaning up!).

We were treated to a very special evening with extraordinary service and attention, Biaggi's style. If you hear about their wine events, reserve right away - they fill quickly.

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