Monday, November 2, 2009

Vintage style in our Sunday November 1st load

~Feeling great about all the vintage finds yesterday! It's easy to buy, it's alot of work, but---get going, unload and get everything ready and set for this week's opening! (All that able help here is appreciated, again.)~I was so happy to find another pair of upholstered chairs, and pleased they waited for me until I found them. I couldn't resist a photo that included one of the freshly styled urns outside the Atelier entrance. The back seat is always full of the lamps and 'smalls'. Remove a drum shade for transport, eh voila!, I've got a table chandelier~
The most unique find? A Victorian plant stand - three revolving tiers on an ornate cast iron, castered base. I have seen them over the years, but this one HAD to come home with me! You'll see her assembled (easy) in the Market photos I'll post tomorrow. We must have made quite a show on the drive to Buffalo, our load topped off with that plant stand 'crown'~

A pie safe (available this week in its as/found colors -the piece with green/pink panels), four drawer chest with perfect ring handle hardware, an old book/music stand. The light pole has an adorable 'North pole' sign that sits on top.

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