Thursday, November 19, 2009

~Window Shopping

It's commonplace in France - stopping to look at what is in the shop windows (fr: fenêtres de magasin). If you're in one area of a city for more than a few days, you'll note the displays change frequently - sometimes more than once a week. They cater to window shoppers, and expect it~
Walking up Central Avenue, Buffalo Lake behind you, you'll approach the west Atelier window at the corner of First Street.

There were a few Atelier lights on last evening, and you could see inside. We've added some Holiday words to our usual sign mix. You can see the candelabra decals on the glass - the black silhouettes are more visible than I thought they would be, and I like the interest they add to the windows.
Turn the corner to your right, to First Street, eh voila~! the north window vignette. This window has candelabra sihouettes, at the top.
There it is - the old settee, first posted when found over a week ago now~
She's a great prop, and this is a start- I plan to add wrapped packages. I can see her at my Christmas tree, too. Very Campagne' Decoration, my favorite French magazine.

The windows do tell everyone what we're all about - vintage style. Thanks for window shopping with me~ TERESA

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