Saturday, December 5, 2009

'The corner window'

A 'favorite' for me - I love corner windows. Here you are today, in the apartment office - at the tall window you see from outside that's directly above the Atelier entrance (see photo #3 today). From holiday 2008, the puddle-length white cotton/linen curtains, hung from old wood swinging crane rods (I bought the rods at the Buffalo Nickel about 12 years ago, and have never seen another pair like them). On a day soon, I'll show you how this window looks now - with sumptuous iridescent blue/brown silk, hung during the apartment renovation earlier this year.
You can barely see the petite chandelier that glows here 24/7, all year. I think of it as a welcoming, warm soft beacon for everyone who passes. The iron coach is an old lamp base, purchased at an estate sale a long time ago - one piece I've always kept.

Here is the window from the outside - the chandelier glow isn't bright on a sunny day, but it's there - always~
Where is a favorite place in your home?
One that makes you feel good every time you walk by?

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