Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fresh Holly & Jars

I overuse the word 'love'. I'm surrounded by beautiful things that evoke that emotion everyday, so how do I get around that? Use words like admiration, or fondness? I don't particulary care for it when someone writes 'love love love it' to emphasize how much they like something. So, I'm now overusing the words 'fond of'. But, 'fond of' is an understatement about how I feel about glossy fresh holly leaves and berries - and big old jars - personal favorites~

In the apartment kitchen this morning.
Evian bottle by Christian Lacroix. Are you kidding? Yes, I save the bottles and reuse them.

I treated myself to three battery jars earlier this year. I find that I use them regularly. Jar (1), filled with holly and greens from Trader Joe's.
Left: jar (2) with faux plums. Center: jar (3) with silverware as stashed by Country Living stylist, Heather, in late May. I like it so haven't changed it - yet. Right: a favorite jar purchased at the Buffalo Nickel a long time ago.
Yellow glass apothecary - the perfect excuse for having salt & pepper pistaschios~
If you find a large old jar, maybe you don't want to pass it up. Sometimes, when I'm out and about, I'll see another shopper hestitate at the $25+ pricetag - well, you may want to stop and reconsider next time, I've never regretted a single large jar purchase~

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