Thursday, December 17, 2009

PARIS Christmas Lights

PARIS on my mind today~
I haven't been to France in December, eh voila - these first six photos are via 'le internet search' for Paris Christmas lights

Leave it to PARIS to have chandelier-style lights~

~and create this beautiful illusion

I've walked the boulevard, and been in taxis on the Champs Elysees, holding on while trying to look look look.

Garlands - favorites, just as wreaths~
The tree is fitting for the square in front of Notre Dame. I can feel the hush.

Paris four years go: walking to our hotel after dinner, we stopped to admire this shop entrance. We marvel at how Paris uses lights each time we're there.

The Tour Eiffel - lit every evening, and sparkling on the hour. It must be a bit of Christmas touching our hearts as we ooh and ah?


Mr. Flannery said...

I want to go to Paris again.

TERESA said...

I agree. Exhilarating, gorgeous, breath-taking. I'm happy just breathing the air~