Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The shop card~ part deux

Here it is! Almost ready to send off for printing. I've found that checking back on it and taking fresh looks for style changes is my 'style'. I did use the faded urn - in the center, the 20% does pop, and the blue satin ribbon frames the right side. I added two more 'blue and white' features: on the left is carving from a Paris door photo, and the fern effect is a scan of a vintage textile scrap from a friend (thank you, Susan~).
The backside shows more of the ribbon and fabric, and our bird. Something new for me since discovering it for the last card? I'm enjoying using the 'transparency' feature, and placing some great graphics behind the print.
~If you live in Minnesota, you know it's a good day to be indoors, designing!


The Head Chickpea said...

I am SO excited for the sale! The card looks lovely...

TERESA said...

Thanks, Jenni! I always love the 'fresh start' with the January sale. Can't wait for you to see the cards in print - TERESA