Monday, December 7, 2009

Simple enough things #11

~Simple enough, and makes a favored parchment color/print word statement. We use our 'repurposed' shred for packaging jewelry and other small items - tres' cool in our clear cello bags. If you've been to The PORCH & Atelier, you know we love to take a few minutes to wrap.
I was once tsk-tsk'd here for shredding a book. I look at it as sharing old sheet music, books, magazines - another way to repurpose and use something that's beyond its normal use.

Always fun to pull out my ornaments and see them again after almost a year. Like finding my little treasures. I've collected vintage ornaments on junking jaunts over the years with my sister, Mary. They aren't as easy to find now, but when you do see them, pick up something fun for yourself - usually under $5.
I've never counted, but I might have over 100. None that valuable, and if they come pitted or worn, hanging from a tired string or old wire, all the better.

Part of a vintage postcard. I love what it suggests - seeing a glimpse of what's around the corner.

I have a window box mounted on the sill of the south kitchen window in the apartment. Easy-enough to add pine greens, lights, a lit candle for the photo, when in the room -it's not as close to the greens as it looks-, my favorite hypericum and lemon leaves (from a Trader Joe's bouquet).

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