Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Simple enough things #13

Inside a cupboard in the apartment living room: old prisms in jar, and French pitcher. What is simple and unexpected here? Raising an old, rectangular glass roaster cover to new elegance - it's beautiful!
Glass aquarium holding ribbon collections (I admit it: I'm trying to get better at actually using my ribbons). The narrow cotton paper ribbon on spools are old and French.

Ribbons are always at the top of my buying list in France. This double-face satin ribbon, purchased by the 'metre', is still folded in the wrapped skeins fashioned by the French store clerks. When you buy lengths of ribbon in France, they aren't just thrown into a bag. The 'everyday' in France: appreciating the details.

Simple bindings and more paper ribbon.

Corsage ribbon, beautiful color, and special because it's from Minneapolis.

More of that wrapped skein satin.

French garment tags, vintage.
Thanks for taking this little 'detail' tour~ TERESA


Day to Day at The Hog Shed said...

I so enjoy your blog. Can't wait for #12.....Claire

TERESA said...

Claire - thank you, it's always great to see you-- and hear from you! Happy New Year! TERESA